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Social networks are an environment for communication where users can quickly exchange information, news, get answers to questions, watch photos and videos, and listen to music. Entrepreneurs can use them to sell their products through social networks and earn money through crowdfunding. Analytical data from social media platforms allows companies and businesses to determine the inclinations, beliefs and preferences of the individual, which makes it possible to develop a new branch of science – neuromarketing[1].
The aim of the study is to provide an overview of the online shopping decision-making process by comparing offline and online decision-making and identifying the factors that motivate online customers to decide or not to make an online purchase decision. Obviously, the marketing communication process is different for an offline user and an online user [2]. Buyers are increasingly placing orders through online stores, and statistical analysis centers note an annual increase in the volume of virtual markets by 35%. However, no one forgets about real stores, which hold a confident leadership [3]. If you competently engage in the promotion of products or services via the Internet, you can expand the circle of consumers around the world or generally switch only to online sales, which will significantly reduce the cost of rent and payroll to employees. A potential buyer cannot touch our product - this is one of the most serious problems that sales managers face, so they are faced with the task of visualizing the subject of sale as much as possible.
In order to accurately understand the difference, we propose to consider what is most often bought on the Internet, and what is in real stores? On the Internet, goods already familiar to consumers with standard parameters and properties, such as small household appliances, books, stationery, are more popular. In the offline store - vitamins, clothes, watches, because when ordering these goods online, fakes are very common.
In connection with the development of competition in the market today, it is the buyer who determines the direction of the strategy and promotion of any business. There are several behaviors in which a person goes through certain stages before making a purchase over the Internet. Each of these stages can be influenced by a business using simple techniques. Awareness of the problem - at this stage, the consumer feels the difference between what he needs and what he has. The challenge for businesses is to recognize these needs ahead of time through neuromarketing and offer products accordingly. To influence this stage, you need to identify stimuli that most often cause a need for your product and use them in advertising and marketing.
After collecting information, the consumer begins to evaluate options for which brand to prefer and which one is less suitable for meeting his needs. The evaluation process depends on the product, the characteristics of the psychology and nature of the buyer and other factors. If a client has chosen a particular brand, this does not mean that he has made a decision to buy. He only formed an intention and chose something specific. Customers make a decision to buy a product in just 90 seconds, so in this case, "Brevity is the sister of talent." It is necessary to provide information to the consumer very briefly, but quite completely, and be sure to check the speed of the server, loading and displaying the design in the form in which it will be perceived by the end user.
Carefully crafting reviews will help to attract the attention of people with obvious signs of oniomania and create a positive impression of the purchase. To do this, in the first days after receiving the goods through the mailing list or call centers, you can request a review from the client who has already received the goods. A customer can be motivated to review with an additional discount or gift on their next purchase. This is beneficial both for the client and for the company, which, without the cost of additional advertising, will get a client who will pay again. The main thing is to ensure secure payment for buyers, best of all through the programs: MasterCard SecureCode, Visa Secure and Mir Accept. Another method that is often used for promotion is spam advertising. Previously, it still gave a noticeable increase in the influx of customers, but now, if it goes through the security settings, it will be ignored by people who have not expressed a desire to receive it.
Thus, Internet marketing provides more opportunities for implementation, which can be mastered by both large companies with a professional team of specialists, and just starting small outlets. Understand what kind of consumer you want to interest and what direction you need to take.


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