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Analysis of world experience regarding eco-industrial parks will allow us to explore the parameters of industrial parks in Ukraine and Turkey, identify areas to stimulate the development of eco-industrial parks, outline the possibilities of creating eco-industrial parks and reformatting existing industrial parks into eco-industrial and to substantiate the benefits for all participants of eco-industrial parks in the conditions of sustainable development [1]. Research demonstrates the practicality and benefits of eco-industrial park approaches in increasing resource efficiency and improving the economic, environmental and social performance of the enterprises involved, which in its turn will contribute to the inclusive and sustainable industrial development of Ukraine and Turkey. The adopted National Economic Strategy for the Development of Ukraine for the period up to 2030 envisages government directions for the support and development of industrial parks. The novelty of the research is the development of scenarios for eco-transformation of industrial parks and the development of strategies for the formation of eco-industrial parks in accordance with the paradigm of sustainable development in Ukraine and Turkey.
Achieving the goals of sustainable development of Ukraine and Turkey is a commitment to implement EU Directives in the areas related to the ecology and the environment, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, sustainable development. The obligation to implement the EU Directives is related to the creation of conditions for the implementation of the eco-industrial parks (EIP) policy in Ukraine and Turkey. World practice today proves the effectiveness of industrial parks, which are a mutually beneficial combination of industry, entrepreneurial initiative and the necessary localized infrastructure. However, as in any process, the development of industrial parks has negative consequences in terms of environmental consequences, because of concentrated production leads to the concentration of greenhouse gases and environmental pollution, increased depletion of natural resources etc [2]. In the conditions of sustainable development and the paradigm of the circular economy formation, this prompts the revision of the concept of creating the EIP, which is currently absent in Ukraine. Strategies for the development of the industrial complex of Ukraine for the period up to 2030 and the State Strategy for Regional Development for 2021-2027 covers all components of stimulating the development of the EIP in different regions of Ukraine. There are 64 industrial parks in Ukraine and more than 346 in Turkey. The first modern EIPs were parks in Denmark, Finland and Germany, which are examples of industrial parks in other countries. International experience shows that EIPs have a variety of economic, environmental and social benefits that go beyond traditional business benefits [3]. The benefits are not only commercial but also strategic: reduced pollution risks, increased competitiveness, business development, continuous production and a good reputation among stakeholders.
IP are positioned in Ukraine mostly as a tool for attracting investment and regional development, to a lesser extent - as a component of industrial development. At the same time, most concepts of IP development in Ukraine envisage the involvement of the state budget, accordingly, the lack of such funds hinders the development of the infrastructure of IP. From the ecological point of view, there is a significant level of industrial pollution, significant accumulation of waste, and significant volumes of industrial effluents. The social component shows unemployment in local communities, low level of involvement of local communities in the impact of the environment on industry, poor social infrastructure, outflow of labor abroad. The development of scientifically sound scenarios for the ecotransformation of industrial parks will allow the regions to use their potential, obtain economic, environmental and social benefits and create an attractive living environment.


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