International management is a system of management practices aimed at the formation, maintenance, development and use of competitive advantages in different countries in order to organize, stabilize, strengthen and expand the positions of international companies in the world market. Opportunities for the development of international management are determined not only by such factors as the entry of domestic companies into foreign markets, but also by the development of internal activities of international enterprises. This makes it possible to effectively adapt already developed management methods to Ukrainian conditions. For the effective use of foreign experience in enterprise management, the state must create certain conditions in all branches of the national economy [1].

Among the factors affecting the development of international activities and the implementation of international management, there is a set of political and legal factors. Their manifestations include the imperfection of the legal system, in particular the field of taxation, regulation of investments (including foreign ones), the level and nature of Ukraine's cooperation with other countries and international organizations, corruption, etc. International management, perhaps, faces the greatest problems of development in the economic sphere. In particular, the non-convertibility of the national currency, the violation of the principle of market prices, the lack of an effective system of international marketing, high tax pressure, problems in establishing clear property rights, low income levels of the population, the predominance of administrative rather than economic methods of state regulation, support for domestic investments (which creates certain barriers to entry of foreign capital), lack of progress in science and technology [2].

Recently, it can be noticed that the sphere of services is gaining more and more importance in Ukraine, which is growing rapidly and permeates almost all stages of foreign economic agreements, the multiplicity of commodity forms also leads to the multiplicity of prices. That is, there are significant prospects for the development of international business management in Ukraine. There is also coordination and integration of various types of activities on the scale of the entire world economy. An equally promising direction of international business development is joint venture with developing countries. If we talk about the prospects for the development of international business in Ukraine in general, then it will be determined mainly by the general level of economic development of the country, the real results of the implemented reforms, a significant renewal of the structure of public production and the development of export potential.[2]

International management characterizes the need to make decisions on a global scale, considering local economic interests, that is why it is aimed at forming a business balance of various levels, considering the limitations of an international and national nature. Management functions are expanding, becoming more complicated and differentiated, which is connected with globalization and internationalization. The study of the functions of international management and the formation of the appropriate organizational apparatus of an international company is an urgent task, both time-consuming and controversial [3].

Thus, international marketing is an independent branch of the company's activity when it enters foreign markets, which is a necessary condition for each business entity to be able to successfully compete and satisfy its own goals in the world market. Today, the formation of international marketing continues, its further intensive development will provide even more opportunities for the integration of Ukrainian enterprises into the world economy.




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