Whenever we talk about companies, the first thing that comes to mind is money, capital, or profit. In a way, this is the right approach because one of the main motives of a company or an entrepreneur is to make money and to get sustainable profit and development. Establishing your own business takes a lot of effort. First of all, it is necessary to have a good and valid vision. Then you should have a good organization and an adequate innovation perspective to ensure sustainability. In fact, entrepreneurship involves all of an organization’s actions, including discovering, evaluating, and benefiting from opportunities in the market (2, 2000). No one can say that all these are easy organizations. However, when we think about today’s world, it is not enough. History tells us other things.

We know that the idea of Europe originated with ancient Greek philosophers (3, 2021). All the important philosophers from the ancient Greek to today’s have always mentioned the same things and supported the same idea for modern, sustainable systems. Doesn’t it have the same value for us as what the ancient Greek philosophers said? Are we to pretend that all these philosophers have not told us about human beings, humanity, morality, and virtue? We have to accept that making money and getting profits are fundamental for every company, but where do we put each individual in this world? Don’t we need a fresh start? Prioritizing only profitability is no longer enough in today’s world.

Economic integration will undoubtedly provide growth, development, and new business opportunities for companies. It also leads to the emergence of new ideas and initiatives. However, what we basically aim for here is a good world where people live in peace. Does the growth and enrichment of companies lead to the growth and enrichment of people? Do young people get better education and better opportunities due to integration? We achieve very positive results. But the real question is: After all these positive results, what spirit should we reach? The path taken by the idea of Europe in history tells us that other initiatives should be made. Company integrations also bring social integrations. This is manifested either by companies establishing foundations or by supporting social initiatives.

The most important and desired result of integration is the increase in communication between societies and individuals. This is very important for the development of societies and individuals because individuals and societies have the opportunity to communicate with those who are unlike them. The basic dynamic of the development of individuals and societies as a whole can be realized by increasing their communication skills with individuals and societies that do not think for themselves. This can be better understood if we look at the development dynamics of the societies that gave importance to maritime in the world. While these dynamics enable development, they also encourage innovation and sustainable development because they allow for the adoption of all kinds of innovations.

The processes of globalization and integration pose new challenges to the economy of any country, raising questions about the assessment and stimulation of innovative activities of enterprises in the context of constant transformation (4, 2021). While European integration encourages communication and growth between companies, it also increases and strengthens communication between individuals and societies. While this power provided by communication makes existing initiatives even stronger, on the other hand, it prepares the ground for the emergence of new initiatives with new ideas. Another result of this communication is that companies create non-profit foundations and associations as well as create entrepreneurship aiming to get sustainable profit. In addition, non-profit organizations are established, especially with the initiatives of young people. We see individuals involved in these initiatives in relief activities and in natural disasters all over the world. Impactful work and psychological closeness among individuals in social enterprises provide a nuanced understanding of subjective experience (1, 2023). Especially with the increase in communication opportunities, more social enterprises began to be established.

In this respect, the establishment of new social enterprises or entrepreneurship, especially with the European integration process or other integration processes around the world, is the desired result, but further support of social entrepreneurship opportunities makes such integrations sustainable. Further support of social enterprises is expected to be the most desirable outcome of such integrations.



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